Tip: Get involved in your child’s education

So, the first 2 weeks of school are behind us and hopefully your child has begun to settle down in their new classroom. The routine has been established and the transition into school every morning has gradually become smoother! Time to relax and take a deep breath, right? Not yet! This is where the job of advocating for your child’s education comes into play! Listed below are some tips for parents to consider implementing throughout this school year to help ensure your child gets off to a great start for this school year:

  • GET INVOLVED – Look for opportunities to volunteer within your child’s classroom or school. Look for chances to support the teacher and classroom by helping plan class parties, organize/prepare activities, or volunteer when needed and available.
  • COMMUNICATE OPENLY WITH TEACHER – establish some method for communicating daily with your child’s teacher about progress and challenges (notebook, email, talk at pick up, etc.). Communication is so vital to consistency between home and school.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH WITH EXPECTATIONS AT HOME– through daily communication you can learn the specific behaviors and skills teachers are targeting within the classroom. This enables you to follow through at home with the same skills utilizing the same strategies to help your child make progress in a shorter amount of time!
  • CELEBRATE EVERY VICTORY/SUCCESS – even the small ones! As your child acquires a new skill or learns to do a skill more efficiently, CELEBRATE and reinforce! A reward/reinforcement for your child’s achievement will increase the probability of that skill/behavior reoccurring.  Have fun with it and let your child know you are proud of their hard work!

By being your child’s advocate, you can work with the school to create an education program that unlocks your child’s full potential! Having a child with Autism demands a great amount of responsibility, but BE OPTIMISTIC and take it one step at a time! Trust that the steps you are taking are making a huge impact on the life of your child!

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